The Scientific Research Study Center for Engineering and Energy SRSCEE Training Center department is committed to providing and training engineers and participants with the tools needed to enhance knowledge and capabilities. We provide training across a variety of platforms and services, ensuring that the needs of every engineer and technician are met.

Based on the main objectives of the Center for Studies and Research in Scientific and Engineering and energy, to seek and advance the profession of engineering by setting rules for professional ethics, organizing its practice, advancing its practical and professional level, and enabling the engineer to carry out a leadership role in developing communities in various countries and fields.

Through training and qualification of engineers, which was considered one of the basic tasks of the research center, it is able to define the curricula and their engineering assignments to be suitable for developing the capabilities of engineers to carry out their tasks and achieve the requirements of the labor market and keep

So that the center’s objectives are as follows:

* Expanding the practical and practical base and developing the competence of professional engineers

* Achieving scientific, educational and economic goals for the participants in the center’s courses that combine efforts to contribute effectively to the building and reconstruction process by highly experienced people.

The center seeks to achieve these goals through the curricula, programs, courses and services it provides through the following:

1- Holding training courses and rehabilitation programs in all areas of specialization

2- Specialized workshops

3- Developing engineers’ personal and administrative skills

4- Cooperation with accredited training centers for international levels

5- Providing online education in terms of courses and implementing training programs in this way.